Unit 10 safeguarding in health and

The students must be under vigilance after school and college timings as that is the time, when maximum crimes happens as the students are free to do whatever they want in that time. There are numerous working practices and strategies but these can be effectively improved to minimize different kind of abuses happening to people.

Additionally, nurse must remove all the harmful objects from the room which can be used by the patient to harm him. There are a number of researches which takes place on these kind of people due to which sometimes the members are vulnerable to abuse.

Unit 10 Safeguarding in health and social care

In order to prevent this kind of abuse an Anti-Bullying Ordinance was passed, under which anyone who would be found bullying children in any form would be held guilty.

All the rules and policies formulated by the legislation will be helpful only if they are implemented properly at the care centres. Inside the minds of angry and controlling men. The other factor poverty leads to self-injury and usually suicide.

Hence the confidentiality and privacy of these people should be maintained during the researches. See All Health and Social Care Assignments TASK 2 Analyse the strengths and weaknesses in current legislation and policy surrounding the type of abuse found in your case research As we have seen that there are number of cases coming up related to the abuse and harm to the vulnerable group.

The other professionals is a senior management level, they take the responsibility of developing and making the strategy and policies for their organization. Social worker can offer her the help to find resources in the community for protection, advocacy and support.

They play the role of supervisors for them.

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Hence, there is always a need of person who can take care of her. Recognizing individual social and cultural factors is vital in promoting rights and minimizing theincidence of abuse in health and social care.

This autonomy is supported by the responsibility on public agencies that works under the Human Rights Actto intervene proportionately to protect the rights of citizens. A regular contact also gives them emotional support and confidence that there is someone to protect and safeguard them.

Ethnicity and cultural background has got a great impact on abuse as these are the things which gives rise to the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. It helps to let the student know that someone is concerned for him. Such people are vulnerable to abuses since they are dependent on others for their day to day activities.

Similarly there are many other acts, which were brought in for the protection children, elderly and other patients with some mental diseases.

Workers at this level recognize, inspect and solve all the queries regarding the cases of abuse. From the case scenario above, the risk factor associated with the abuse and harm to self and others will be one which will be related to the aged people. After investigation it was found that, there was an old patient of dementia who was asking a care taker to make him sit on some chair again and again.

As per Welsh,when they are victimized to different kind of abuses, such people become powerless and trapped to hinder the abuse against them.

Survivors of the abuse can result in difficult experiences to maintain relationships at personal and professional front Shaw, According to this law, if any kid of kindergarten would be found guilty, then the parents need to face the punishment. This leads to the separation of the person from the society Slade et al, The employees at this level designs and formulates the policies and rules.The unit enables learners to understand the different types of abuse that can occur within the community.

Learners will study the signs of abuse and factors that can. Unit 10 Safeguarding in Health Unit Number and Title: Unit 10 Safeguarding in Health and Social Care Introduction Get Assignment help for this assignment at [email protected] This unit is essential for all learners to understand the different types of abuse that can occur within the community, the signs of abuse and factors that can.

AIM OF THE UNIT It is the responsibility of the health and social care worker to Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence Level 3 Unit 10 4 Know working strategies and procedures to of Health Guidance, Safeguarding Adults, A National.

Y/N AC Discuss possible improvements to working practices and strategies to minimise abuse in health and social care context Safeguarding in HSC –Unit 10 M.

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AC Evaluate the effectiveness of working practices and strategies used to minimise abuse in health and social care contexts Y/N Comments Y/N Y/N AC/5(1). 24 Oct ; Unit 10 Safeguarding in Health and social care Unit 10 Safeguarding in Health and Social Care Aim for Unit 10 Safeguarding in HSC. The aim of this unit is to enable learners to develop an understanding of the factors of abuse, and study the working practices and strategies to reduce and prevent its occurrence.

Get solution of Unit 10 Safeguarding in Health and Social Care Assignment The next important thing which I came to know during my work experience in Stafford Hospital was the risks factors that may lead to incidence of abuse and harm.

Unit 10 safeguarding in health and
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